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eBibleLesson is a digital subscription to the Bible Lesson. Read or listen online or download each week's Lesson, 3 upcoming Lessons, and the previous week's Lesson in a variety of digital formats.

  • In-Context Format — read online each passage as it appears in-context in the Bible and Science and Health
  • Full-Text Online Format — read online or stream the audio edition
  • PDF Format — download and print or read from your computer
  • eBook Format — download and read on your smartphone, tablet, eReader, Kindle, or computer
  • MP3 Audio Format — download and listen to the audio edition on your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or computer

Every week, the Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly offers fresh inspiration and healing solutions for life’s many challenges. Using eBibleLesson, you can study the lesson virtually anywhere, anytime, and anyplace you like.
The best choice for flexibility, portability, and convenience, eBibleLesson gives you instant access to the Lesson. Each format in the eBibleLesson bundle supports your deep study of the transforming spiritual ideas found in the Bible Lesson.
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